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Guray Makina was established in 1974.It was in 1992; where Guray Makina entered its second phase of development. The company expanded its horizons and invested its energy into producing Brass fittings for PPR (polypropylene) water systems. An increase of demand within the market saw Guray Makina secure its position as a producer for leading manufacturers within Turkey.
In its third phase of development; as Guray Makina gained strength in the Turkish market it expanded its influence and power within the European and Middle Eastern markets. As of 2005; Guray Makina began to stretch its resources and establishing a firm customer base by exporting to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. Simultaneously in Europe; Guray Makina began to export to companies based in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Guray Makina produces over 400 tonnes of Brass per month to serve the needs of sanitary ware, heating & cooling and all types of fittings.With nearly 40 years of experience, Guray Makina have become one of the most reliable designers and producers of Brass products.

Mission - Vision

MISSION: Guray Makina, an Istanbul based company, has been involved with brass since 1992 and has since been involved in exporting both nationally and internationally. In 2005, Guray Makina established itself as an industry leader in the manufacture of brass based products within the regions of the Middle East and Europe. We acknowledge that we are part of a community and we find ourselves shouldering the responsibility to serve our customer's in the most efficient and ethical manner. This includes on time delivery and the maintaining of strong communication across regions.

VISION: Our vision is to be the market leader in brass fittings locally and globally.






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Crocus Expo | 6-9 February | Hall 13 | A208

new factory

       We are proud to introduce our new factory.
       Our new factory already started production in the Moscow Region, Russia
       and will supply our partners with brass inserts, brass fittings and brass valves. 

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Rami Kisla cad Incirlik sok no:16 Eyup 34055 Istanbul Turkey
+90 212 567 74 88
+90 212 501 52 06

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