About Us

1972 - Our establishment

1994 - Our transition to the plumbing and heating sector as a brass semi-finished product manufacturer.

2004 - Starting of working in international markets with foreign business partners.

2012 - Launching our plastic production facility.

2016 - Beginning of the process of establishing a sales network for our Emirplast® brand.

2018 - Investment in our Russian plant.

Today, we continue our growing together with our business partners as a company whose entire production is exported to 42 countries, with brand distributors in more than 30 countries, and making new investments every day.

Our company, which was founded in 1972, was supplying brass spare parts and semi-finished products for various sectors in its early years. With the popularization of plastic potable water plumbing system that started to enter our life in the 90's. In 1994, we turned our focus to this sector and started to produce brass fittings for the most famous PPR pipe factories in our country.

Due to the desire of proving the quality of the product that was formed in the early 2000's in other countries and to show itself on the international arena opened the doors to a new level for Güray Metal with the export to Chile in 2004. In 2012 based on the requests of our business partners, we started production of more specific products such as valves and plastic filters that are not produced by the all factories, as a trusted and reliable supplier of brass products for the international companies from Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates regions.

In line with the experience gained and the feedbacks from partners, we expanded our plastic and brass product range designed with the principle of high quality and reasonable price, and started to establish a sales network for our own brand Emirplast® in 2016. Upon the rapid increase of plastic pipe producers quantity in Russia, which is an important market for the heating and plumbing industry, we established a brass fittings production facility in Moscow State, Russia in 2018 in a cooperation with a business partner.

With more than 450 employees, 24.000m2 production area and 49 years of experience, our company continues its steady development with Emirplast® business partners in more than 30 countries and with other producers to whom serves and exports its entire production to 42 countries.

Our Mission

As an honest, transparent and solution-oriented business partner, we produce semi-finished products with reasonable prices without compromising quality for factories and traders working in the plumbing and heating sector.

Our vision

To be a recognized brand in the world, that makes a difference in its field with its consumer relations and service mentality, respects business and general ethics, and whose quality and activities are unquestionably accepted.

Our Values

We encourage the development of our colleagues through respect, offering assistance and tolerance towards all of them and ensure that they take responsibility by providing them with opportunities.

We develop relationships with our business partners on honest and transparent bases, stand by them, take the initiative and find solutions with no hesitation when needed.

We fulfill our responsibilities to our suppliers and companies that provide services to us on time, and establish good relations with their employees within the framework of ethical rules.

In order to be open and accessible to consumers, we try to use all communication channels, value the feedback and opinions of consumers, and try to provide excellent quality and after-sales service experience by solving even minor problems.

We respect cultural, social, political and religious values in all geographies and act according to laws and business ethics.

With awareness that the ecosystem can only exist as a single entity, we manage our commercial activities in a respectful way to all elements of the industry, and we maintain our leader behavior by adhering to ethical values regarding to our competitors.