With 49 years of experience
We serve more than 40 countries.

We produce high quality components and products 24/7 in our 3 factories for different manufaturers and our distributors who are the market leaders in their countries.

What We Produce?

Quality product,
Perfect service

Brass Components

Inserts, Hexagonal Inserts, Female and Male Unions, Female Fittings, Valve Seals, Ball, Axis, Watermeter Connection Nuts, Spheres, Shafts, Transition Unions, Valve Cartridges, Adaptor Nipples and Loose Nuts, Watertank Connection Couplings, Manifold Parts, Other Brass Components and Spare Parts

PPR Valves and Fittings

PPR Elbows, PPR Couplings, PPR Crossovers, PPR Clamps, PPR Reductions, PPR Male and Female Adaptors, PPR Threaded Elbows, PPR Tap Connections, PPR Wallplate Mixer Connections, PPR Ball Valves, PPR Radiator Valves, PPR Filters, PPR Stop Valves, PPR Checkvalves, Other Polyproplyene Pipe Fittings and Connectors, PPR Fittings

Brass Valves

Brass Ball Valves, Ball Valves with Packing Nut, Angle Valves, Stop Valves, Chrome Valves, Concealed Valves, Garden Taps, Brass Manifold Valves, Brass Radiator Valves, PEX Radiator Valves, Other Metal Valves.

Brass Fittings

Brass Wallplates, Brass Couplings, Brass Nipples, Hose Connection Adaptors, Tailed Elbows, Hexagonal Reductions, End Plugs, Chrome Extensions, Other Brass Threaded Fittings and Connectors.

PEX and PE-RT Pipe Fittings

Economical PEX Fittings, PEX Elbows, PEX Couplings, Copper Pipe Adaptors, Multilayer Pipe Fittings, Detachable PEX Tee, PEX End plugs, PEX Hose Connectors, Axial Elbows, Axial Couplings, Axial Sleeves, Axial Fittings, Axial Press Fittings, Other PEX-a PEX-b and PE-RT Underfloor Heating Pipe Fittings and Adaptors.

What Makes Us Different?

Owing to our metal and plastic production, we offer wide product range with optimal prices.

We supply factories, wholesellers and mechanical engineering contractors who operates in HVAC field. We are fully integrated producer with our brass rod production facilities, hot forging, metal processing, plastic injection and extruder machine park.

We offer to our partners more than 1200 products and customized projects with high quality, transparent price policy, perfect service. And in this way we contribute to their development.

Who We Are?

With an Experience Over 49 Years

We are an international company, who produces 24 hours by day and 7 days in week, in own 3 factories which are located in 2 countries. We are reliable partner of market leader factories as a brass component supplier. We strive to ensure that our distributors become strong players in their markets and differ from others. We care our business partners' problems as our own and use all our own possibilities to solve them. But more than these, We are

Engineers who design the right products with months of work

Production staff who works day and night to produce high quality products for you

Sales team who speaks with you in your native language and tries to solve your problems as its own

Finance specialists who work to create possible lowest cost of products and better partnership conditions

Managers focused on innovations who strive to improve our product and service quality

We are Güray family with its more than 450 members.

Total Production Area > 24.000 m2
Production Capacity 800 tonnes/month
High Quality Raw Material CW617N
Our Sales Policy

From Afghanistan to Italy,
From Nigeria to Russia

We offer to our partners individual solutions suitable to their own markets with a transparent price policy and perfect service.

  • Export to 42 Countries
  • Cross Cultural Communication Experience
  • Status of Approved Exporter
  • Quality Approach Based on Corporate Values
  • Accessible After Sales Service