Quality and Sales Policy

The most important factor that forms the basis of our success; our commitment to strong principles in our sales and quality policy, which are inseparable. Owing to that, we are able to export 100% of our products to more than 40 countries from Afghanistan to Italy, from Nigeria to Russia.

  • To design optimum products suitable for varied market needs in different countries;
  • Not compromising product quality for price competition;
  • Trying to create the product that could meet the required technical conditions with possible lowest cost;
  • Supporting product quality policy by using only high quality raw material;
  • To provide the best possible prices to business partners by ensuring business sustainability with a transparent and clear price policy;
  • Supporting business partners to let them react quickly against changing prices without manipulation;
  • To ensure continuity by creating a sustainable financial structure with the right investments at the right moments;
  • Trying to find solutions to the problems caused by our company without any conditions;
  • Being selective in choosing business partners, growing up with the right partners and avoiding situations that could damage the image of our brands and companies;
  • To provide fast solutions by avoiding long bureaucratic processes and to be result-oriented.